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Re: [APD] AGA Annual Convention

A problem sceduing conventions is trying to avoid time
conflicts with other events likely to interest the same
audience. It's nice to here of synergy.
--- "John T. Fitch" <JTFitch at fitchfamily_com> wrote:
> . . .I was
> pleased to learn of the opening of the new World War II
> memorial in
> Washington -- almost 60 years after the end of that
> conflict(!) As a WWII
> veteran myself, I'm looking forward to combining
> attendance at the
> convention with a visit to the memorial, because I doubt
> I would ever make a
> special trip for that purpose. I wonder how many other
> WWII vets we have
> among the APD readers?

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Field Trip to the Baltimore Aquarium and The Aquarium Center
First event of the AGA Annual Convention Nov 12, 13 & 14; 
Details & Registration at www.aquatic-gardeners.org  & www.gwapa.org

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