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[APD] Re: cop rant


In my experience there are good police officers aka cops and bad ones around the world. Some countries/states/provinces/prefectures are renowned for having excellent police services and others are not. My father served with the RCMP and the Justice Ministry (I forget what they call it now) until his retirement back in the early 80's. many canadian police officers are and have been excellent examples with a few exceptions of what a plice officer should be, likewise for many American officers. But, there are always a few bad apples and they steal the headlines and spotlight. Luckily they are few and not numerous like in other countries where it is commonplace to see officers drunk on duty, openly taking bribes, going out of their way to harrass minorities or actively torturing and murdering suspects in their custody.

I have seen it, reported on it and been subject to it. Just be thankful that countries such as Canada, the US and most of the EU nations have the standards and quality people to protect your life and property. Or would you rather have the Taliban patrolling your neighbourhood?

BTW which force were you on? maybe you know my Dad...

thx to both you and Bill for those responses. I retired last June after
serving 32 years on a Canadian Police Force and was proud to be a member of
that fraternity. I really had to hold back from responding initially to what
was nothing more than an ignorant comment. I also belong to an Internet
Group of fellowship with other Officers, their families and friends. Some of
those Officers are presently serving your Country in Iraq and when they
return they will go back to patrolling the Highways. We as a group send out
hundreds of cards each year to families of Officers killed in the line of
duty so  I have little tolerance for comments like that made on this list.
I'll get off my soap box now.


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