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Re: [APD] Trimming Sword Plants

I have used the cutting method on E. bleheri in a 6 gallon
tank for the simple reason that I have needed to be able to
do pruning quickly and there's no room to get in there to
peel and pull. The plants have done well.  The short stump
slowly dies back much as it would appear to do if the rest
of the leaf were still attached. However, I would guess
that they are more susceptible to rot problems.

Scott H.

-- Douglas Guynn <d_guynn at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Just wondering about different methods.
> Usually, when I trim the sword plants in my tank, I stick
> my arm in up to
> the elbow and try to break off the leaves at the base of
> the petiole at the
> crown. I do this so as not to leave a "stump". Would it
> be just as well if I
> cut the petiole (using those neat laparoscopic scissors)
> near the crown,
> leaving a short stump, or does that leave the plant open
> for bad nastiness
> like rot?

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