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[APD] Are my plants exhibiting a deficiency?


I wonder if my plants are exhibiting a deficiency.

We set up a 20 gallon high about 2 1/2 months ago. New growth on some of the
plants, namely Rotala and Anacharis is somewhat dwarfed. Compact growth is
nice, but I'm not sure if I'm seeing "compact" or "wimpy."  : )

The Rotala is coming in pinkish but it was plain green when purchased.
Rotala leaves were round but now are the same length but very narrow. Stems
are about 50% thinner. The biggest difference is length of the internodes;
from about 1" to 1/8" or less now.

The Anacharis is showing about 50% reduction in all the dimensions, leaf
length, stem diameter, and internode length.

The Crypts seem to be OK, but they may be too slow to tell yet. Same for the
Hair Grass and Micro Sword.

Amazon Sword, Valisneria and Java Fern are growing, but have not been in the
tank long enough to tell yet.

Banana Plant, Java Moss, and Water Sprite (C. thalictroides) are growing

I'm overdriving two F20/T12's with a 4F32/T12 ballast over the 20H. Does
that figure as 2 WPG?
Magnum 200 canister filter.

GH = 1 
KH = 8
pH = 7.7

Medium high bio load.
Some spot algae present, totally acceptable IMO.

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