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[APD] Re: Cop Rant

OK, I read the rest of all your comments and I'm embarassed that I offended you all with my blunt comment. I see that most of the comments were from Americans who are known to be very patriotic and so I do understand your dissapointment. Maybe you do have a wonderful police force, I would'nt know this as I have never visited the USA.

On the flipside, I spent half my life growing up in apartheid South Africa where police brutality was rife, it was ugly and violent and its a very difficult issue to forget. 10 Years after our Democratic elections and living in the "New South Africa" it still gets under my skin. Maybe our younger generation has more respect for the cops but its just not that easy to shake off old resentments, especially considering how ruthless and brutal our "police force" was. I've seen video footage from some of the apartheid upheavels and it will make a grown man cringe. Not that I'm trying to justify my comment but thats really where it came from.

I will in future curb my enthusiastic comments and am deeply apologetic for being so insensitive. Please accept my humble apologies.

Kindest Regards
Cameron James
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