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Re: [APD] Cop rant

Good point Bill. In fact, I work for a police department
and happen to no a few thousand of the men and women. Turns
out they have about the same ratio of jerks as any other
large group of humans, even aquatic hobbyists. For every
police officer job opening, we process about 500 -1000
applicants -- so we get to be choosy about hiring. American
Idol has a higher turndown rate, but then, they only have
to fill one slot per year. ;-)

The most dangerous job in the USA, in terms of assaults and
fatalities per number of persons employed is, you guessed
it, convenience store clerk.  

But I hope everyone will note that you never read in the
newspaper about someone holding up a lfs and making off
with the fish and plants. Aquatic hobbyists, on the whole
seem to be a nonviolent crowd. :-)

And, back to water changes. . .
Scott H.
--- Billinet at aol_com wrote:
> In my experience, traffic officers are better educated
> and smarter than most 
> people, are well trained, and get assaulted more often
> than the general 
> populace.  Some get killed in the line of duty.
> They deserve our support, not our ridicule.

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