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Re: [APD] Blown Ballast

Also, the ballast can be replaced relatively inexpensively
with a Fulham Workhorse 5. I expect you can get one from
AHS since you bought the kit from there. But also you can
get one from a number of other sources.
AHSupply *will* sell parts, but only to people who are using the parts to service the brightkits. Apparently they've had problems with people buying their parts and not putting things together properly so they won't sell loose parts anymore unless you are an owner of one of their kits.

This is the first Fulham I've heard about failing. They are
generally very reliable.

I actually had to replace one just recently (past few months), but that one failed for unusual reasons.... (not caused by me, BTW)...

And for the original poster:

> 1. 2 lights run off the same ballast - can the ballast be
> 1/2 bad?

Yes, this is possible but it depends on the design of the ballast. Occasionally running a ballast like this can cause the ballast to fail after a while.

> 2. Is it bad for the system to run it with one light
> uninstalled?

You should call up AH Supply ASAP and ask them if this is going to be a problem for their ballast. If they say it will be OK, then you should be fine until you can replace it. Even if the ballast is safely running one light, I would recommend just replacing the ballast and using the new ballast to drive both lights.


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