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[APD] RE: spot algae


I'm not hellbent on _not_ trimming the old, ugly leaves.  The problem is
that the algae has completely covered some of my plants.  Only the
newest leaves don't have algae on them!  I'd be trimming out the
entire plant :(  Not that I ever doubted, but you're absolutely right
about good plant growth goals.  Of course that's always in my list of
things I'd like to do, but sometimes it does seem like you have to
concentrate on getting the algae gone (as I understand, you get the
algae gone when you concentrate on good plant growth).  My tank was a
perfect example.  As my plants started to grow in, and right with
eaerlier advice you had given me, they were outgrowing my habbits of
fert balance.  Once I started to notice the spot algae the growth slowed
down (probably the other way around).  And now that the spot algae
hasn't proliferated further, the growth is much improved.  My main
concern is now, some of the covered plants, will they recover on their
own?  Cleaning with H202, how do you suggest that's done (it would take
me a whole day, too, it seems like if I had to do it by hand ;)

Thanks again,
Dave T.

On 4/29/2004, "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:

>Dave if you are really hell bnent on not trimming off old ugly leaves, try
>and H2O2 method and spot clean them.
>Any algae issue you might have should be approached as a plant growth
>problem. "How can I improve plant growth?"
>Adding PO4 regularly and good CO2 will cause most spot algae issues to be
>greatly reduced.
>Spot algae is very common where low CO2, high light and PO4 deficient
>conditions are kept.
>If you want to further reduce spot algae, try less light. At 1.5-2w/gal of
>NO FL lights, this effect is greatly enhanced. With lower light.
>good CO2, macro and micro nutrients and lots of plants, herbivores will
>really maximize the plant dominance more than any other set up. I seldom
>ever cleaned the glass on these tanks, maybe once 2-3 monthes or longer. No
>algae on any plants or equipment.
>Tom Barr
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