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[APD] Re: MH on the cheap

Is it possible to use the MH fixtures you typically find lighting large
department stores and warehouses to run 175W 10k and 20k bulbs for

Yes and no. The fixtures you are most likely referring to are known as "high bays" or "low bays" depending on the height they are intended to be mounted at. A typical low bay is usually intended to be mounted about 15-20 FEET above the surface (floor, in this case), a high bay is usually in the 30-50+ foot range. The reflector is designed to light a certain size area to a certain intensity when the light is mounted at that height.

Basically that means the reflectors on those fixtures are pretty useless for aquarium use. The ballast is normally mounted immediately behind the reflector, and isn't convenient to use in a DIY setup although it should be possible to remove and reuse it. The socket itself should be reusable since they are typically replaceable ceramic mogul-base sockets.

Keep in mind that the typical wattage for most industrial fixtures is *400* watts.

If you have a source of cheap fixtures, you could probably use the ballast and socket from them to run any of the Aquarium bulbs as long as the *wattage* of the bulb matches the wattage the ballast is rated to drive. It might be easier to just get the ballasts and sockets from an electrical supply house though unless you are getting a great deal on some high bay fixtures. A regular commercial ballast or high/low bay fixture should not have any problems running a 10000K or 20000K aquarium bulb.


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