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[APD] Tanganyikan Planted Tank


Thanks for your tips on the Tanganyikan planted tank. 
As far as taking the pH down that far with CO2, would
that be harder on wild-caughts than tank-raised? My
multis are F0s. I'm new to wild-caughts, so I wasn't
sure if they'd be less tolerant of conditions
drastically different to their native environs. 

Anybody know of any detritus-eaters that like or can
tolerate hard alkaline water? I love Synodontis, but
even the petricola gets a little big for my tank. (And
a little big for my wallet right now!)


> I have tried many and
> they all grew but some just 
> didn't grow as fast as you would expect. Also don't
> be afraid to add C02 to 
> your tank which will lower your pH. I was for years
> but Tom Barr persuaded me 
> to give it a try and I'm very thankful that he did.
> The plants grow better and 
> the fish are fine, even breeding at 7.1 pH.
> I have been told
> that you can't put Siamese algae 
> eaters or O-cats with A. Chiclids but I have done it
> for years without any 
> problems in fact I have a few shrimp that have been
> in the tank for a couple of 
> years although they are well hid and you hardly ever
> see them they are still 
> alive.
> Good Luck,
> Bill 

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