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[APD] Re: nutrient limitation vs. competition: algae control

Steve wrote:

> Roger, Tom, when you say that algae are not limited by phosphates until
> the concentrations are in the PPB, you are not saying that if you
> pollute a tank with excess nutrients, you won't get an algae explosion
> of some type?

"Pollute" and "excess" are such loaded terms.  I -- like Tom -- am not sure
what you mean.  Let me see, "...not limited...not saying...won't get."  Sorry.
 You lost me.  

> If you don't dump in more nutrients than the system can properly
> metabolize at a certain rate, then you would not experience the
> explosion; can't we then say we are controlling or managing the algae?

I could be wrong about this, but *not* doing something isn't usually
considered to be management.  If you think it is then you should probably
apply for the job.  I understand there might be an opening with the California
highway department :)

There are probably a gazillion ways to influence algae populations and their
growth.  I fertilize for the health of my plants and look for other ways to
solve any algae problems that are left over.

Roger Miller
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