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Re: [APD] Water Circulation -- or - The Current Sponginess ofFiltration Theory

It's a method, one among many, that definitely works -- you
can find discussion on it in the archives, too.

You might need to suck out the build up of detritus in the
substrate once in a while -- it's one of the more obvious
drawbacks to UGF and RUGFs. But everything has it's good
and bad points. 

If your powerheads are not creating surface turbulence, you
won't be driving out CO2 easily, which is good. And the
strong current ensures that nutrients can get to all of the
plant surfaces -- although far less current would work,

If the powerhead is rated for 145 gph, you're probably
pushing about half that amount through them most of the
time -- that's just a rule of thumb, not a scientific
measurement. ;-)

Scott H.

--- Randy Pullen <RPullen at waterpik_com> wrote:
> Thankyou for your answer. So you have nothing against the
> reverse flow
> undergravel filter concept in planted tanks?

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