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[APD] Re: Cork backgrounds

Correct identification on the plants, although the tank is in need of a major cleaning/trimming at present. I'm afraid the cladaphora balls apparently qualified as candy, and have disappeared down the goldfish gullet, I've also added a bunch of stem plants (which really need trimming) and am experimenting with other plants... spatterdock seems to be a success, but eleocharis parvula and aponogeton seem to qualify as "tasty" and may not make it.

I keep the temperature in the mid to high 70's (75 to 78 degree F). I live in the fog belt here in the San Francisco Bay Area with a normal high temperature of about 75 degrees during the summer, (55 degrees when the fog rolls in every afternoon). In addition, the tank is in my basement, so if I didn't heat it, the temperature would never get above 60 year round, which is a bit cold for the goldfish on an ongoing basis.


Damian wrote:

Maggie That's quite a beautiful tank you have there. I'm guessing anubias, those special algae balls (cladaphoria? marino?), java fern and possibly vallisneria and swords but you also have gold fish in there- what temperature do you keep it at?

Just wondering as I have a 2ft tank outside with anubias, echindorus compacta, crypts, an aponogeton and and angel and I'm thinking about removing the angel and turning into a cold water tank with white cloud minnows or something but I'm not sure about the plants handling the temperature.

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