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Re: [APD] Tanganyikan Planted Tank-- A quixotic dream?

I have a 29 gallon mbuna tank that is planted with various anubias and java
fern. I think as long as you stick to plants that are tough or taste nasty
to fish you'll be fine. If you plan to plant anything in the substrate just
use some larger stones around the base of the plants to keep the fish from
digging them up. I havent had much trouble with my mbunas using these

Kevin Simms

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Subject: [APD] Tanganyikan Planted Tank-- A quixotic dream?

> I have a 20G tank with Tanganyikan shelldwellers
> (multis-- and a couple caudopunctatus) that I'd like
> to make a planted tank. Many folks say that the high
> pH (8.5-ish) and hardness (14-17) make it unfriendly
> to plants. My fish would probably dig up stems that
> were in their way (anywhere), but they are small
> enough fish that I think, if I could get them to grow,
> attached plants like java fern and anubias and maybe
> some crypts or swords could thrive.
> I welcome any suggestions, on-list or off.
> Thanks in advance,
> Erin

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