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[APD] Tanganyika cichlids

If anyone is in the Buffalo, NY area, I'm going to have lots of tangs
available at my store in the coming weeks, maybe months.  Many
tropheous, julies and neolamps.  I know these are usually very
expensive, but because this is a rare opportunity, these will be sold
far below normal markup. I was able to get Tropheous Moorii ikola yellow
for a customer for $15.50 and they were a good size.  These normally
sell at 30-40 bucks.  I've brought home 3 types of julies, 4 leluipi
oranges, and 6 n. brevis mtoto zebra so far.  They've been placed in my
46 planted community tank and everyone is loving life.  The advatage of
the tangs are the easy transition to a community.  They stake out their
territory, and only protect that area.  They travel around but don't
harrass to the point of danger.     

"I'm damaged and I like it.  It made me what I am!"

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