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[APD] Re:Tanganyikan Planted Tank-- A quixotic dream?

>>I have a 20G tank with Tanganyikan shelldwellers
(multis-- and a couple caudopunctatus) that I'd like
to make a planted tank. Many folks say that the high
pH (8.5-ish) and hardness (14-17) make it unfriendly
to plants. My fish would probably dig up stems that
were in their way (anywhere), but they are small
enough fish that I think, if I could get them to grow,
attached plants like java fern and anubias and maybe
some crypts or swords could thrive. 
I welcome any suggestions, on-list or off.<<

Hi Erin,

 Don't be afraid to try anything as far as adding plants and even different 
fish to your tank. 

I grew plants good for years in a 120G tank with Peacocks, Yellow Labs and a 
few Haps without any problems. Every now and then they might try to move 
around a new plant but once they get established there usually isn't any problems. 

As far as the type of plants go you will just have to experiment some grow 
better than others in high pH. I have tried many and they all grew but some just 
didn't grow as fast as you would expect. Also don't be afraid to add C02 to 
your tank which will lower your pH. I was for years but Tom Barr persuaded me 
to give it a try and I'm very thankful that he did. The plants grow better and 
the fish are fine, even breeding at 7.1 pH.

 I'm sure that people mean well but if they haven't actually tried it 
themselves they really don't know. I have been told that you can't put Siamese algae 
eaters or O-cats with A. Chiclids but I have done it for years without any 
problems in fact I have a few shrimp that have been in the tank for a couple of 
years although they are well hid and you hardly ever see them they are still 

 Big rock dwellers may be different but give it a try I'm sure with time you 
will be pleased with the results.

Good Luck,
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