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[APD] Tanganyikan Planted Tank

>I have a 20G tank with Tanganyikan shelldwellers
>(multis-- and a couple caudopunctatus) that I'd like
>to make a planted tank. Many folks say that the high
>pH (8.5-ish) and hardness (14-17) make it unfriendly
>to plants. My fish would probably dig up stems that
>were in their way (anywhere), but they are small
>enough fish that I think, if I could get them to grow,
>attached plants like java fern and anubias and maybe
>some crypts or swords could thrive. 
>I welcome any suggestions, on-list or off.

Crinum species would be appropriate. Anubias as well.

I wrote an article last year for TFH about planted
cichlid tanks. 


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