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Re: [APD] RE: RO Units and carbon filtration

"Douglas Guynn" <d_guynn at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

Wright Huntley wrote:

  "... the RO unit has essentially no ability to block small molecules, like
ammonium and chlorine."

I don't believe the above statement is correct. Given the correct conditions
of high pressure, correct temperature and pH, and fairly low TDS of the
supply water, and RO unit can remove everything but the wet from water.

It is my understanding that RO membranes basically do not stop dissolved gasses. Perhaps I should have said "ammonia and chlorine." CO2 also goes right through, with very little blocked unless the pH is so high (>8) it is all bound in the form of bicarbonate or carbonate ions which are then blocked.

OTOH, it is quite possible that I have just been swallowing some market hype, and small RO units actually do better than I seem to recall from my own 15 years+ of experiences with them.


PS. My Sierra snow runoff is so soft it suffers the opposite problem. Barely has enough tds to sustain life (an OK 80 ppm, here, but <30 ppm downtown)! I have *no* need of RO. The well water isn't even chlorinated. I just have to add "Equilibrium."

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