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[APD] Re: theory behind algae control

Roeland wrote:

> But to come back to the original question: the idea would be, like Roger
> Miller says, to select a window of conditions. Unther those conditions
> plants are better competitors than algae. 

To be perfectly clear about this, I don't think that competition -- 
particularly for nutrients -- has any impact on algae control.

As you pointed out, our common nutrient levels are so high as to make 
competition irrelevant.  It is common for aquarium water to have CO2 
concentrations, phosphate concentrations and sometimes potassium 
concentrations 2 or 3 orders of magnitude higher than normal for natural 
water.  We usually maintain all other nutrients at comfortably high levels.  
There is no possibility of competition when the table is so lavishly set.

The "window" of conditions is set primarily by the match between the 
conditions provided in an aquarium and the conditions that algae are 
specialized for.  A planktonic species that is adapted to grow under low-CO2 
conditions and to live under alternately very bright and moderately dark 
conditions as it circulates in the water column may simply fail to survive if 
placed in aquarium conditions with high CO2 and continual 2-3 watts/gallon of 
lighting.  It has nothing to do with competition; it just isn't the 
environment that the algae is "designed" for.

Roger Miller
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