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[APD] Silicon Valley Aquarium Society Mtg, May 1-Planted Aquaria

On Saturday, May 1, Dave Millman of the SVAS (that's me!) will be delivering a new presentation, Getting Started with Planted Tanks, at the Silicon Valley Aquarium Society meeting.

Saturday May 1
7:00 pm (arrive by 6:30 to order dinner)
Round Table Pizza
4302 Moorpark Ave.
San Jose, CA
(One block south of 280 at Saratoga exit)

I'll be presenting a fully-fleshed out version of the Light-CO2-fertilizers model that several APD members commented on a few weeks ago. The model is a synthesis of the systems Tom Barr has described for both low-light and high-light tanks.

As always, an auction and raffle follow the presentation. If you haven't attended a meeting in a while, you've missed a log of amazing fish bargains, including quite a few gorgeous discus from local breeders. Some smart store owners have been showing up to buy fish at bargain prices...

Complete details on the club web site at http://www.svas.info

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