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[APD] Re: theory behind algae control

I've always wondered exactly where algae would be
able to attach to a healty photosynthetisizing leaf:

In the middle you can bareley see two strings of algae - where there are no

Similar photo:

Not easy for the algae to find a spot to attach to.

Algae seldom, almost never, form under the leaves. Also almost never in the
shade of plants.

Looking at a planted aquarium from above that has reached the magical 40-50%
plant-volume-mass you only see plants and their leaves. Not a good place for
algae if they have trouble attaching on healthy leaves and doesn't prefer
shade of plants.

In the shade of plants the light with greater fraction far-red light, which
at least
plants responds to by stretching up for the light becoming leggier. Perhaps
are photoresponses in algae/spores too?

I know Barr has discussed the possibility of spores sensing NH4, biding
their time until the NH4-levels are prime. If they sense the precense of NH4
they should be able to sense if they're in the shade or not. Triggering/not
triggering photochromes or something?

// Daniel Larsson
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