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Re: [APD] RO/DI units

I recently bought the 6 stage 100GPD from aquasafecanada on ebay, setup was
a breeze and TDS meter read 0 after about 10 gallons of water. It was a
great buy IMO. Also got the TDS meter from them. Here's some pics from the
instruction manual:



Giancarlo Podio

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If you have a RO/DI filter you should really have a TDS meter. Using one of
these is really the only way to know when your DI filter is exhausted. I
seen Milwaukee pocket TDS meters for $25... however I have not had any
experience with them. I do have a Milwaukee pH controller and have been
with it. About which RO unit to buy, I just bought one on Ebay from
aquasafecanada for a very good price. I haven't received it yet, but he has
over 2500 positive feedbacks and only like 2 negative feedbacks, so I
imagine I
will also be happy with it. I got a 75gpd 6 stage RO/DI unit for $50, they
have 100gpd models. As I said, I haven't actually gotten mine, so I can't
really endorse it yet.

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