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[APD] Re: cork tiles as background


I've used the 1 foot square cork tiles from the hardware store
in my tank with no problems. I used black Aquarium silicon
to glue the tiles onto several 1 foot wide acrylic boards, leaving
the bottom couple of inches bare. After the acrylic cured, I
pushed the bare part of the boards into the gravel at the back
of the tank and pushed the boards back against the back wall.
The cork makes the acrylic float up to wedge under the back lip
of the tank to hold it in place.

The tiles I used where the dark brown, slightly smoky smelling
tiles. I stapled anubias and java fern into the cork. Its been in
place for over a year now with no problems. The staples have
rusted away, but the plants have attached themselves by now.

Here are links to before and immediately after shots.



Damian wrote:

I just wondered if any one else used the cork tiles from
the hardware store that are meant for tiling floors/walls or if people are only using unprocessed
natural cork as is.


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