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Re: [APD] Re: ro/di unit

Rik Vandiver <mrriketts at ispwest_com> wrote:

you can get a tds meter to show you the total dissolved solids in the water

aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com wrote:

What tests can I
perform to make sure the ro unit is working correctly, chlorine, phosphates,
ammonia, etc?

The tds meter is the prime way to monitor general performance, but the RO unit has essentially no ability to block small molecules, like ammonium and chlorine. For that, they often use a carbon filter that can fail in two ways. The flow can be too fast (contact time too short) or the carbon saturates and allows "punch through." Don't throw your ammonium and chlorine test kits away, as they should be used, once in a great while, to monitor for the above phenomena.

[A RO unit without a carbon filter is worthless for fish/plant tanks, IMHO. I have seen them for sale, so beware.]

The tds meter will help you avoid osmotic shock and warn if the membrane has failed (unlikely, if installed right). The other tests will warn you to change your carbon filter before the tds changes enough to be significant, I think (likely to be a regular mainenance procedure).


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