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Re: [APD] Cork tiles from the hardware store as tank background- no natural cork available in Aust.

--- Damian Barton <daemondamian at ozemail_com.au> wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I'm considering the use of cork as a background because
> it can be 
> altered to make bumps dips etc, can be siliconed straight
> onto the glass 
> and I can use little U bits of wire to attach plants like
> java fern, 
> anubias, bolbitis etc.
> There is no natural cork tiles or bark available here in
> Australia.

You might check out if shipping can be arranged with this


Or go to corkstore.com, select Specialties, select Virgin
Cork Bark

There is some nice info on using virgin cork bark at this
web site:


Last time I looked, the site was under reconstruction - but
used to have a lot of good info on how to do an

You need to order more virgin cork bark than you think you
need so that you can pick and choos the best pieces that
fit together well.

It has lots of links to cork sites and cork posts.

Tom Barr has lots of posts in the APD archives about other
kinds of cork materials as aquarium backgrounds and other
related uses -- good hunting.

Scott H.

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