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[APD] theory behind algae control


I have been following the discussions about fertilisation for some months
now and I was wondering whether there exists some kind of theory behind the
story. Long ago, before I found this list, I was very much convinced by the
theory that one had to limit phosphate in order to outcompete algae. After
reading Tom his suggestions, I started dosing KH2PO4 en K2SO4 in order to
get a least 0.5 ppm phosphate and 10 ppm potassium.
If I understand it well, somehow the algae should be inhibited because the
plants are growing actively. I am not denying this, as I can see the results
with my own eyes. But on the other hand, this clearly can not be nutrient
competition, as the concentrations of all the important nutrients are 'high'
and no algae problems occur as long as CO2, N, P, K and micro's are
abundant. So, what could it be then?


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