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How about NO3 alone curing the problem ?
It seems mine are recessing since I add Ca(NO3)2...
Cannot use KNO3 for K is still too high in my tank !
In fact they appeared when K went from 90 to 60 mg/l  !?


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> > Have anyone tried H2O2(hydrogen peroxide) to get ridd of Cyanobacteria 
> > instead of antibiotics?
> >
> > Arild Madsen
> Blackout works the best of all the treatments for BGA to kill what's there
> that I have tried. It's been 100% effective, it cost nothing. 
> Remove what's there, clean tank, filter, prune, do a 50% water change after
> you have done these things. Turn off lights, CO2(if you use it) and cover
> with trashbags/towles etc so that no light at all gets in.Add 1/4 teaspoon
> KNO3 per 20 gal. Remove after 3 days, turn on lights, CO2 and make sure to
> change water regularly, have enough NO3 and clean the filter more often.
> Then it does not come back which is the real issue, not just killing what's
> there. Other treatments do not address that issue, folks will tell you what
> kills it, which are many things, but dealing with keeping it away
> thereafter is the real problem and should be included in any dealings with
> algae. It's not about killing algae, it's about growing the plants. When
> the plants grow well, you don't have algae blooms.
> H2O2 spot treatments will work but they do nothing for the larger problem.
> So do most strong oxidizers like bleach, potassium permangnate etc.
> Removal and trimming will get rid of most algae problems or blackout or
> filtration(UV, micron, diatom), from there it's a matter of giving the
> plants what they need to grow well. 
> I think many people believe that H2O2, Algae cures alls, dips etc will
> solve their problems and get them over this "temporary hump". I don't think
> they do at all. Folks worry about killing algae more than the real issue,
> growing plants well. Till they realize that, often they go through a series
> of battles with algae and trying to do these big cleanings and have algae
> killing issues every week/month /few months and the plants still don't look
> as good as it could. 
> This also solves a great many "picky plant" issues as well. 
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr  
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