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RE: [APD] Blue-Green Algae, or Is It?

Sometimes Antibiotics will work and sometimes the problem
will keep coming back. Why? I think for two reasons. Note
that BGA is commonly present and easily gets into your
tank. Treating with antibiotics will only clear up the
current outbreak, not prevent future ones. And the
antibiotic can sometimes fail to get the BGA that's deep in

And people have had it growing in stagnant as well as
strong currents.

Best way to avoid the problems and drive back an outbreak
is with balanced fert parameters. In particular check your
PO4 and NO3. One of those is probably way low -- try to
keep them so that the PO4 is about one tenth the NO3. Aim
for 5-10 ppm on NO3. In a slow tank without aded
carbon/CO2, probably a steady 3 ppm is plenty unless you do
weekly 50% water changes.

And, of course, as with any algae (or cyanobacteria such as
BGA) outbreak, manually clean up what you can as soon as
you can and after that disturbance to the algae/bacteria,
do a water change to remove what has gotten into the water

good luck, good cleaning,

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