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[APD] Blue-Green Algae, or Is It?

I recently set up two adjacent 10 gallon tanks for an experiment.  One used 
hard alkaline water, the other mildly acid, very soft water.   Each was heavily 
planted with about 20 fast growing plants and stocked with about six inches 
of fish (blue rams).  Each has a half inch of soil substrate (Miraclegrow 
potting soil, soaked for two weeks) covered with an inch of 2mm - 3mm inert gravel. 
 Lighting is from a Phillips 5000 K Phillips tube, at two WPG.

On the fifth day both tanks began to develop a bluish green or green film 
algae along the substrate and on some of the plants.  Since then the algae has 
continued to grow and I suspect that it would take over the tank if I didn't 
removieit.  When I siphon it, it comes off easily and tends to hold together.

No fertilizers have been used, only moderate amounts of fish food.  There is 
no filtration, just a bubbling air hose for circulation.  

Nitrates and phosphates are too high, possibly from the substrate.  Forty 
percent water changes are being performed ever day or so.

I am assuming that it will go away as the tank ages.  Do you thiink it is the 
infamous blue-green algae or is it something else?  

Thanks for your thoughts.

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