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[APD] Re: Java moss emerse growth quicker? Adaption to

> From: Damian Barton <daemondamian at ozemail_com.au>
> Hi folks,
> just wondering if java moss grown emerged (out of water) grows quicker?

Not in my experience. But it does grow differently, thicker growth attached
more to its substrate.
> How well does emerged grown java moss adapt to submersion?

Very well. That's what happens in nature.

> Just wondering if it would be quicker to grow java moss as a tank
> emerged and then refilling the tank how it would react.

That's going to take ages. Loh Kwek Leong's method for creating a moss wall
(with Christmas moss in his case) would  give instant beautiful results.
There was a good article somewhere in his web site www.killies.com but maybe
he can guide you to the exact location.
> Damian.


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