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RE: [APD] Wattage To Use

> My question is, in determining healthy wattage for the my 29 gallon, do I
go by the total CF bulb wattage (27W each) or
> the total incandescent (100W each) that is being replaced?  I hope I made
this inquiry clear.  Thanks.

As far as I know, the recommended wattage is in terms of fluorescent light,
not incandescent. So, if you want 3 watts per gallon, you'll need 100 W or
fluorescent light which is pretty much the same for normal output, HO, VHO
or CF bulbs (the main difference between them is the size [length] of the
bulb vs its wattage). So I'd say you'll need three CF bulbs for good
lighting... Two will work too but will be on a weaker side.


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