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[APD] RE: NO3 uptake

Thanks for the reply Tom, much appreciated.
Happy water gardening everyone ;)

Kind Regards
Cameron James
  Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 12:24:34 -0400
  From: "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
  Subject: [APD] RE: NO3 uptake
  To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com

  I think a good max rate is perhaps 3-4ppm of NO3 for a planted tank. That's
  a lot. But realize poor test kits, variability in plant species needs also
  varies a great deal.

  Hair grass might be alright at low(1-2ppm) NO3 while Eustralis and Mic
  umbrosum might prefer higher(15-20ppm).
  Also, you have to consider fish feeding and loading. With 12 Discus vs a
  few otto's and shrimp will make a difference.

  I think many folks that have gotten the CO2 down well and still are having
  trouble fail to add enough NO3. I am thinking the test kits are poor, the
  NO3 being test might be other non available forms of NO3, and that folks in
  general should add a bit more NO3 if they are having trouble.

  I'd have to say with CO2 enriched tank, the two biggest issues are CO2 and
  then NO3. Almost always not enough and/or poor measurements.

  Tom Barr
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