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[APD] Update - Help on spot algae?

Hey guys,  a few weeks back (more like a few months) I sent and recieved a flurry of e-mails about my tank, CO2, furts and stuff and said I would update after a while...well, here's the update.  Since then the tube I was using for my CO2 reactor cracked and leaked a lot of water into my tank stand and subsequently the carpet.  Before that there was another leak in the vortex that drained what I estimated to be about 30g of water into the carpet (I wrote about that one).  Anyway, here's an update on the plants...

I've been trying to keep up with the pmdd Barr style method of dosing and things have gone incredibly well.  All my plants (except for java fern) seem to be doing extermely well, and are beginning to perl daily on their own, as opposed to before where they'd only perl during water changes.  The growth is amazing, nothing like what I had before.

Now onto the problems.  Lately my slower growing crypt plants have gotten a case of spot algae, really bad now and I'm getting upset.  The faster growing plants aren't showing as much damage, but my older chain swords (which are growing in perfectly) are really covered!  I noticed this week after coming back from 5 days in Florida that my CO2 tank (that had just been filled the day before I left) had dropped output pressure to only 2psi and thus I don't think was putting out nearly as much CO2.  That seems to have made things worse, however this started long before that.  The algae is starting to stick to the glass (stonger then dust algea, but not as bad as the dark greenish-black spots I got before requiring razor blade removal).  This time, GH was 2 (pushing up), KH 5, ph 7.2 (I'm trying to push that down, this is not normal) and normal, everyday 5ml pmdd.

I have a hunch that now, after 8 months, my 10,000K lights are starting to turn and cause a shift in good growth to algae.  My plants are still growing at the same rate, there wasn't any slowdown or anything, just more algae...any suggestions?

-Dave T.
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