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[APD] NO3 Uptake

Hello all

I have a small 10 gallon tank that is heavily planted, java ferns/moss, Anubias, 2 mini Crypts, Sessiflora, Bacopa, Cabomba and Hygrophila. I'm well chuffed with myself at the moment as the tank is looking great if I do say so myself :o  (Although I do owe this list aswell as some of the newsgroups some due credit.....thank you :)

I'm just under 3wpg and there is DIY co2 injected into an AC filter. My question is this: When a tank like this is running smoothly, what ammount of Nitrates can be consumed in a day? I realise this is a "how long is a piece of string" type question but ball park figures would sure help me out.

PS. I've been using the Sera no3 test kit but it seems to give zero readings on anything say below 20ppm.....whats up with this, is the test just old? Thanks for any light shed :)

Kind Regards
Cameron James
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  Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 09:10:33 -0400
  From: turnerjo&blair <turner at chestertel_com>
  Subject: [APD] When to add liquid fertilizers?
  To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com

  Is there a time during the day (evening, morning) to add liquid fertilizers?
  Thanks much. Blair


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  Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 09:32:08 EDT
  From: SunflwrgrlS at aol_com
  Subject: [APD] Re: treating for both in well water
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  Perhaps I read that post wrong, but I don't suggest treating for 
  ammonia/clorine/cloramines in well water unless you've tested it and found this sort of 
  thing present.  I have well water and have none of those things, although I have 
  a whole house filter because I get sand in my water.  I used to add declor 
  products "just in case" and it didnt seem to matter in my larger tanks. However, 
  my 10 gallon Q tank in which I did frequent water changes, I persistent green 
  water and poor luck with Ottos (ok, I realize that Ottos are sensitive, 
  but...).  One day I decided against using declor. Believe it or not, with that 
  first un-declor water change, the green water started going away.  Within a few 
  days, it was gone!  It hasn't come back and I haven't lost an Otto since (knocks 
  on wood).  I'm not quite sure I subscribe to the theory to add chemicals 
  "just in case" (although I did before).   Maybe we ought to find out if they are 
  necessary first?


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  Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 10:56:46 -0500
  From: Sean Fritz <ealar at mac_com>
  Subject: [APD] Above-substrate root growth?
  To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com

  Until I added CO2 I didn't see many plants grow many roots far above 
  the substrate, now it seems almost everything is growing a few roots 
  from every leaf joint.  I end up trimming the uglier ones with the 
  weekly pruning, but I'm wondering if there is a way to discourage this 
  growth to begin with?

  Sean Fritz


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