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[APD] Re: treating for both in well water

Perhaps I read that post wrong, but I don't suggest treating for 
ammonia/clorine/cloramines in well water unless you've tested it and found this sort of 
thing present.  I have well water and have none of those things, although I have 
a whole house filter because I get sand in my water.  I used to add declor 
products "just in case" and it didnt seem to matter in my larger tanks. However, 
my 10 gallon Q tank in which I did frequent water changes, I persistent green 
water and poor luck with Ottos (ok, I realize that Ottos are sensitive, 
but...).  One day I decided against using declor. Believe it or not, with that 
first un-declor water change, the green water started going away.  Within a few 
days, it was gone!  It hasn't come back and I haven't lost an Otto since (knocks 
on wood).  I'm not quite sure I subscribe to the theory to add chemicals 
"just in case" (although I did before).   Maybe we ought to find out if they are 
necessary first?
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