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[APD] LFS on Cape Cod

Rachel, I work at Cape Maid Farms in Hyannis...it's not the best for plants but I am working to improve that. My boss Steve (he's a "reef" person and doesn't have time for a lot of freshwater stuff- about the best reef guy in Mass though) has been taking some of my suggestions about the plants and freshwater, at least we do not carry stupid house-plants that slowly drown anymore LOL. Our plant stuff is getting better as well and I am always on the lookout on this and other lists for good products we should carry...just this past week I mentioned pressurized co2 units and he said it might be a good time to get a few in (suggestions on brands/types would be awesome everyone), we also carry the full line of Seachem Flourish products and have a few decient books as well (again suggestions would be great guys) including some Ammano coffee-table types. The fish section is also quite good and is always improving the selection, we must have 60 or 70 tanks dedicated to freshwater spe!
 alone. My boss has about 35 years of experience with the main focus on marines, Sally, the other girl that works in the fishroom, has 20+ years of various petstore experience, and Myself...well I have been hooked since 1976 when I got my first tank at age 6, by age 8 I was breeding bettas and other gourami species (never did do the "livebearers first" thing so many hobbiests start with) and the plants were a way to make things better for the fish, discovered I had a bit of a "wet-green-thumb"...and have been striving for my piece underwater nirvana ever since. I have been trying to get some fish folks interested in forming a Cape Cod aquarium club since February anyone interested in being a part of this can email me at: capeaquariumclub at yahoo_com 
Sorry for the ramble and shameless pitch :o)

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