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Re: [APD] Thiosulfate

There seems to be some cnfusion about what diff conditioner
products do. The summary posted the other day was actually
very accurate.

None of the products, absolutely none of them cause any
chemical element (any element you find on the periodic
table of elements) to transmute into a diff element or
diappear. If there is chlorine in the tank before you add
the conditioner, there is chlorine in tank afterwards. If
nitrogen before, then nitrogen after, etc.

But the conditioners all change one or more of the
compounds in the tank water. When you break apart a
compound into seprate ionic parts or to form with or into
other compounds, that first compound has indeed been
removed -- it exists no more in that place -- it is kaput
-- nicht dort. All of the elements that the original
compound comprised are still in the tank. Even compound
constituents may be left intact -- such as the way sodium
thiosulfate leaves ammonia intact.

Neutralizing a harmful aspect or form of an element or
compound is not necessarily accomplished by eliminating a
larger, more comlex parent compound.  Sodium Thiosulfate
makes chloramine disapear -- it seprates the chlorine and
ammonia and binds the chlorine so that it doesn't readily
rejoin with the ammonia. It leaves the ammonia free to
cause all the harm that ammonia can cause.

Other conditioners do the same except that they also bind
or alter the ammonia so that it is less harmful.

Scott H.

-- Steven Pituch <spituch at ev1_net> wrote:
> Greg said,
> >Sodium Thiosulfate removes chloramines as well.
>  Greg, from experience I don't think so.  I don't know
> the chemical
> reaction, but I don't see how thiosulfate can neutralize
> ammonia. 

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