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[APD] Re: Hypo for chloramine -- or - Hype for Sodiaum Thiosufate

--- Wright Huntley <whuntley at verizon_net> wrote:

> > 
> > 
> > Sodium Thiosulfate removes chloramines as well.  It
> does require double
> > dosage to remove and leaves the bi-product of ammonia
> (not very much
> > though).  

If it breaks aprat chloramine into chlorine and ammonia,
then indeed it does remove chloramine. That much said alone
would be misleading unless also added was the fact that the
chlorine and ammonia do not disappear. That's eactly what
the fellow said. And indeed the amount of ammonia is a
small amount by some (probably most) standards.  What needs
also to be said is that very small amounts of ammonia are
very stressful to fish and small amunts can be lethal.

> This is dangerously wrong hogwash! Sodium thiosulfate
> binds chlorine,
> period. The *only* thing it does to chloramine is release
> a burst of
> ammonium/ammonia, when it binds to the chlorine.

Scott H.

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