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[APD] Thiosulfate

Greg said,
>Sodium Thiosulfate removes chloramines as well.

 Greg, from experience I don't think so.  I don't know the chemical
reaction, but I don't see how thiosulfate can neutralize ammonia.  In Corpus
here I killed about 100 beautiful and resilient local Sailfin mollies in
about a years time.  I finally measured my ammonia after a water change and
it was through the roof.  I did some research and found that the conditioner
I was using was pure thiosulfate.  Considering all the cities converting to
Chlorammine, its good practice to always just use a chloramines remover, not
just something like thiosulfate that just breaks the chloramine bond and
releases tons of ammonia at lethal dosages into the tank.

The thiosulfate conditioner I was using says on the back in small print said
that to actually remove the ammonia, filter the water with carbon for a long
time, or use their ammonia remover which is another product, after using
their thiosulfate product.  That's a bunch of crappy marketing that has
killed thousands of fish.  They shouldn't even sell a thiosulfate
conditioner with confusing instructions for use in a town that uses
chloramine.  Its essentially fish murder.  Last month I went to a newly set
up local fish store where all of their fish where dying.  Their maintenance
procedures were perfect except they where using thiosulfate.  The more they
changed the water to help the sick fish the more fish they killed with the
water changes.  They wouldn't believe me about the thiosulfate, because the
instructions on the product didn't mention it could kill fish.  Go figure.

Steve Pituch

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