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[APD] re: Barclaya longifolia bulbs

Sherry wrote:

>    I received some Barclaya longifolia bulbs today.  I'm not sure what to do
> with them.  There is no sign of growth.  Do I plant them, or do I wait for
> them to sprout and then plant them?  Any information or help on these bulbs
> would be much appreciated!

All in all, it's probably best to leave them on the surface until they 
sprout.  Barclaya bulbs can sometimes remain dormant for a long time.  If you 
plant them they can be easily forgotten.  They can also turn out to be dead 
and rot rather than grow.

There are a couple other considerations.  Usually it's a little tough to tell 
where the sprout will emerge.  If you can't tell then it's probably best to 
leave the bulb on the surface of the substrate until it sprouts.  If the bulb 
is elongated then you can plant it horizontally -- that is the way they 
normally grow.   In that position it doesn't make much difference which end 
will sprout.  Which end sprouts does make a difference to your plant 
arrangement.  If your are picky about the arrangement then just leave it on 
the surface until it sprouts.

When you position the bulb, remember that the plant eventually gets pretty 
large.  Position it where it will have room, where it will get light to the 
substrate and where when it does get large its shade won't damage its 
neighbors too much

Roger Miller
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