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[APD] Amquel and water top off


I'm topping off my tanks using an Aquadoser drip 
system. It is dripping in around 2 gallons a day
to my 160 gallon system.  In addition to fertilizers
I am adding 1 ml/gallon of Amquel.

1) Does the Amquel build up over time or is it used

2) Do I need Amquel at all?  My tanks should be able
to handle this amount of ammonia.  I've got a lot of
photosynthesis going on 24 hours a day.  Would sodium
thiosulfate be better/safer for this purpose?

3) Many people report not using anything at all for
water changes up to 10% (some say higher).  Will
chloramines build up or will they break down over time
on their own?  Would this be a better choice?

The system consists of
120 gallon main tank, 32w x12 T8's, on 1 PM to 11 PM
20 gallon algae tank, 36w x2 CF's on 24 hours
20 gallon valisneria tank, 36w x2 CF's on 5 AM to 5 PM

Water movement thru the system is approximately 200
gallons per hour.


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