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Re: [APD] RE: Water Conditioners and Ammonia Spikes -- or - Stressed out over Ammonia

I think this is ture but not to be recommended. Generally,
one has enough to think about without intentionally
generating ammonia spikes in the aquarium.

Depending on the amount of chloramine, the spike can be
insignificant or a real pita -- it doesn't take much
ammonia to be harmful.

Other water conditioners can bind the ammonia in an ionic
form that is much safer for fish and yet still usable by
the biofilter. Sodium Thiosulfate is a fine 'old school'
method for dealing with chlorine, put into practice before
chloramines we used in so many water systems as a secondary

But there are better ways to handle chloramines than to use
sodium thiosulfate. Of course, One can choose one's risks
to a certain extent, which is more than can be said for
one's fish.

Scott H.

--- Greg Turner <greg at island_net> wrote:
> > slime or anything. Also not for chloramine so if they
> switch one day I'll
> > be
> > in trouble. I do have Prime on hand for emergencies
> where I may be
> > concerned
> > about ammonia or nitrites or chloramine. Prime does
> lock up ammonia yet
> > bacteria are still able to process it, so it is a very
> good product.
> Sodium Thiosulfate removes chloramines as well.  It does
> require double
> dosage to remove and leaves the bi-product of ammonia
> (not very much
> though).  I'd double dosage anyways so when your water
> supply does change
> it's mind you'll know before it's too late.   
> Greg Turner
> www.Aquabay.ca
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