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[APD] Swagelok needle valve 31RS4 for sale.

I have a brand new Swagelok fine metering valve (part #31RS4) to offer to
the list. Here is a link to the spec sheet for Swagelok's metering valves.
It's a PDF file, so you need Adobe Acrobat viewer to view it.


It looks like the valve on the far left of the first page, except it has
1/4-inch tubing connections instead of the female pipe thread. A very good
diagram of this valve is on the bottom half of the second page. I have used
the 1/4-inch fittings on standard aquarium airline tubing at low pressure
(less than 10 psig) with very good results. I don't know about higher

A few relevant specs from the sheet:
- 316 stainless steel with Teflon packing and 440 stainless steel stem.
- maximum Cv of 0.040 (10 turns to fully open)
- Cv of 0.0025 at one turn open. That's pretty fine control, even for our

I believe this valve is rated for full shutoff.

Best offer of a donation to the defense fund gets the valve, winner pays
shipping (probably about $5). I'll give it until I check my mail Monday
morning (in live is Texas). In order to minimize clutter on the list, I
won't divulge the offer amounts until then, however, any offers mistakenly
sent to the list will be accepted. Just let me know what you are willing to
give for it.

Email me off list if you are interested.

Douglas Guynn
        d.guynn at sbcglobal.net

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