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Re: [APD] General Tank Update:

Based solely on the ph and KH readings that you report, and
assuming no other significant amounts of acids or
alkalines, you CO2 is about 30-35 ppm. If the pH reading is
off plus or minus 0.1, then the value could be about 20-50
ppm. How confident are you in how you interpret the color

If you believe the pH test kit reading, plus or minus 0.1
units, I'd toss the CO2 test kit.

You've got some flexibility here for adding carbonate
buffer. Decide what range pH you want, add CO2 to get 15-20
ppm, and manage the KH (adjust how much carbonate you  add)
soley to achieve your target pH range. It sounds like
you'll be fine if the KH is around 4-5 degrees.

If you are adding any traces with Fe, or adding Fe
directly, don't worry about testing for Fe. The amount
needed in most cases is less than the margin of error of
most of the cheaper test kits around.

good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Tim Walker <twalker at swiftdsl_com.au> wrote:
> Fish all seem to be okay. . .
> Fish seem bright and happy. Betta recognises me, and
> follows me around the
> tank wherever I go, not afraid of anything that thing!.
> SAE's having so far done a good job, I noticed some green
> algae showing up
> on some of the higher leaves, I'll see what happens....
> My CO2 test kit showed 60ppm CO2 - I'm starting to doubt
> it's accuracy...
> Temp = 26
> pH = 6.6
> NH4 = 0
> NO2 = slightly pink, but less than 1ppm.
> NO3 was less than 5ppm
> Fe = 0.5 (although I added a fert just after the test)
> KH = 80ppm. = 4.46 deg dH
> I have not yet done a water change. (4 weeks) According
> to the pH/KH chart,
> I should have about 30ppm CO2 at the moment, I kinda find
> it hard to
> believe???? Seeing as there is just a small stream of CO2
> bubbles bubbling
> through an airstone..
> I'm still debating another 1/8 tsp of Sodium Bicarbonate
> not sure, I'll test
> in the morning and see if it's still 80...

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