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Re: [APD] question about Anubius

Being a plant with long lasting leaves I find getting some algae on only the
oldest leaves inevitable.
On the other hand I find that this algae is very easily managed with catfish
and true SAE.
In my opinion it's an ideal plant for non CO2 and 2wpg albiet. It's not a
fast grower but often rewards with new leaves.
Something I have also found is when they are first placed/planted they seem
to go dormant while they adapt. Once they start back up they will flush new
leaves very regularly.

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From: "Terry Thorsen" <tthorsen70 at shaw_ca>
Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2004 2:56 PM
Subject: [APD] question about Anubius

> How do you guys keep algae from growing on the leaves of Anubias Barteri
> Nana in a non-co2 tank with 2wpg?  Or is this a poor choice of plant for
> this type of aquarium?

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