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[APD] Re: Eheim 2028 filter part

Scott suggested Hawaiian Marine.

I didn't even think of them because I thought they stopped handling all
Eheim products after they stopped being the sole US distributor a while back
when Eheim product prices took a tumble. Or am I thinking of Dupla? I
clicked on the link you gave and they still handle the parts. I thought HW
chucked the entire Eheim line. I'll definitely call them tomorrow. Thanks.

I also may have lucked out with a call to a totally unknown MO place
advertising in the back of Aquarium Fish Monthly. I'm waiting on a return

Drs Foster and Smith, That Fish Place, and Pet Solutions didn't even have
part numbers for this, only the entire pump head, which of course is well
over $100. I doubt they'd get it in special order any faster than
www.eheimparts.com, which is part of Eheim North America.


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