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[APD] Aquatic vs Aquarium Plants

I'm glad that this topic has had this response. After all we are discussing
in the 'Aquatic-Plants digest' even though we do not seem to agree what that
means. What's in a word? you ask. True, nothing much. But why should'nt it?
After all thats why botanical names were originally conceived, to avoid the
confusion in names. But we are not botanists you may say, we want to use the
word as we please. OK, but then why use botanical names and words for the
plants we grow in aquariums?

And its not just about different languages. Even just the English language
has different names for the same plant. What would Water pimpernel, Water
rose or Brookweed mean to most of us here? Not much I would guess. But if I
said 'Samolus valerandi' most of us would picture the same plant in their
mind without having to look for a book. And on the topic of Samolus
valerandi. I guess most of us here would'nt hesitate to refer to it as an
aquatic plant. But is it? Well about 5 years back I was looking for the
local subspecies/variety of S. valerandi i.e. ssp. valerandi, to compare
with the commercial (American) variety ie ssp. parviflorus. But I could not
find it along any of the valley streams. So I phoned my former botany
professor at the University, and asked him where I could find this aquatic
plant? Aquatic? he queried. No, it grows in the same habitat as Adiantum,
the maidenhair fern. I knew that type of habitat. Shady, mossy and humid
year round. And sure enough that's where I found them, easy enough, their
flowers were a sure giveaway. And no sign of water anywhere in sight. Yet,
like any other red-blooded aquarist on this list I stuck a couple in an
aquarium. And sure enough they grew just like their American cousins. But
does that make them aquatic? Well I for one would not try to convince my
former botany professor that it is. And also none of the authors of books I
have on the topic of Aquarium plants refer to S.valerandi as 'Aquatic'. But
if you insist that it and others like it are 'aquatic-plants' go ahead,
after all its your language not mine.

And James I'm a Chocaholic year round, not just in Easter. Maybe that might
explain a few things. :)


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