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[APD] Re: strange "things"

Revance wrote:

> I have noticed very strange creatures in my aquariums... I am not sure
> where they could have originated from, but they probably moved from
> aquarium to aquarium because I moved some plants around. They look like
> tiny white anemones, they are about 3-4mm tall and appear to have a stem
> and 5 hairlike "tentacles".

Congratulations, you are now the owner of a hydra colony, a 
freshwater member of the phylum Cnidaria.  They are related to 
jellyfish, sea anemones, and corals.  I once had some green ones 
whose color was due to symbiotic algae.  They're pretty common 
hitchhikers and are generally harmless despite their stinging 
tentacles, though I've heard tales of them snatching fry out of the 
water.  They creep some people out, so if you want to kill them off, 
anything that kills snails will work on them.

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