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[APD] Re: Aquatic vs Aquarium Plants

> Is Spathiphyllum a suitable aquatic plant? I don't think we'll get a
> solid consensus. Another way to put it: its an aquatic plant if you want
> it to be. Can you live with that statement? :-)

Well then you might as well say Caladium, (aluminum plant),  Dracaena,
Hemigraphis, Acorus,  and every other plant on the Kribs black list are true
aquatic. Every plant that people have moaned  and cursed their local pet
store for selling as aquarium plants. The "Peace Lily" Spathiphyllum is sold
with a Betta vase with only it's roots in the water. It doen't look much
different than Pothos ivy and other house plants, which some people swear
you can grow submersed as well. There are some plants that do grow in both
worlds. I had Lobelia and Lysimachia growing in an out door flower garden in
nothing but dirt..

Robert Hudson

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