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RE: [APD] Praziquantel and loaches

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Subject: [APD] Praziquantel and loaches

I have a problem with Camalanus sp. and I need to treat the tank as a whole
as I have seen the red worms protruding from the anal vent from two species.
It came in on some imported cichlids and also got to my bala sharks (I know
I should have used a QT tank :-) I'll never make that mistake again.

I have tried para-ex which cleared the sharks but I can still see a tiny
worm or two from the cichlids.

My problem is I'd like to try Praziquantel but it's marked as not safe for
loaches and I have macracanthus and modesta species in my tank. I have
looked at the documentation on a few brands and only the one I have mentions
loaches (yet no mention of catfish) yet the data sheet on the others says
safe for all tropicals (the one I purchased was the best value).

I noticed Walter was going to use on a tank with loaches but I could not
find a mention of how he went.

Has anyone else used it on a tank with loaches?

I'm in Canada and picked up some Rainbow fish that exhibited a protruding
vent area. Although I never did see any worms protruding from the vent my
initial feeling is that it was likely callamanus so I began looking for
something to treat it with. The treatment of choice up here was injectible
form of Levamisole which is no longer available in that form. Fortunately I
found a Vet who is also a fellow hobbyist and he put me onto a product
called "Safe Guard" which is a dewormer for large animals (horses etc). It
contains Fenbendazole and available in injectable form. 6 cc will treat a 75
U.S gallon tank, 3 treatments required , every 3 days with a water change
prior to treatment. This product turns the aquarium water a milky white
initially and clears somewhat on day 2. It is absorbed through the skin of
the fish and also into food products when added to the water which the fish
then eat. There are many products out there that claim to clear internal
parasites however they will not work effectively against callamanus. You
need Levamisole which is still readily available in the U.S or the above
describe product I used. Callamanus is not a death sentence for fish and can
be eradicated with proper treatment. BTW I have 5 Clown Loaches in my tank


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